Monday, July 20, 2009

Project 52 - Week 2 (20/7/09-26/7/09)

There you go, Week 2. I should have started Project 12 instead. Blogger took ages to upload the photos and I kept getting distracted. :)

Monday - Pancakes drenched with honey.

Tuesday - Another visit to the dentist again. I was thinking it might have been a gum infection of some sort, but the doctor told me it that it was nothing. Then I insisted that it was really painful, he drilled through the previous filling and tells me that the tooth is cracked. So now, I have two options to choose from; Root Canal Therapy or Extraction. Both painful, but I would obviously prefer saving the tooth.

Baked cupcakes

Was too lazy to grab my DSLR. So there goes, pics using the phone camera.

Wednesday - Watched Bruno, I would say its probably the sickest movie ever. I was on soft food and painkillers for a few days then. At first, the pain was bearable but a day after the visit to the dentist it was really bad.

That comment from Omair cracked me up. Of all people!

Thursday - Had dinner with the family in Bangsar for sis's bday. Darn, I forgot the name of the restaurant but it was Korean BBQ Buffet. Food was pretty decent for a buffet. Came home smelling like burnt charcoal. That's probably the reason why I dislike BBQs, even at home. Too much hassle of preparing, cooking and the cleaning up.

Most decent shot of the food. We were too hungry! :)

Don't ask why its Sesame Street...

Friday - Went for my first visit for Root Canal Treatment. Dr. Voon was really nice, she clearly explained everything before the procedure and then gave a few jabs to numb my cheeks and gums. The whole process wasn't painful at all, only towards the end before she said she found the nerves all clumped up together. Next visit in a week's time and it would be an hour long!

Went down to KL for supper, Teo Chew porridge behind Times Square! No pics...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Project 52 - Week 1 (13/7/09 -> 19/7/09)

Yes, the launch of Project 52.

Why 52?
Instead of Project 365, I've decided to blog by the week. Knowing that I hardly even blog weekly, it would be impossible to keep up with blogging daily. So there goes, 52 weeks of a year. Project 52 would also include a photo of the week if I don't get lazy snapping and processing photos.

Week 1
People develop this shield around them when they feel insecure about themselves.

Thursday - Mum's bday dinner at Sumi-Ka, SS15. This place is apparently quite popular among the local Japanese and they hardly accept walk-in customers. Famous for its Yakitori, a dish of marinated chicken, beef or vege pieces grilled on skewers similar to our local Satay. I've watched a similar review on AFC before about a restaurant in Singapore serving Yakitori and the chef's skill to sprinkle consistent amount of salt on the meat.

Rest of the week was spent lazing around. Procrastinating on work that I need to finish up on.

Met up with Sherilyn and the rest again for dinner/yumcha at Lorong Seratus Tahun. Put us together and you'll get an endless stream of gossips and things to talk about. We won't even mind being quarantined for Swine Flu together.

Ms Ann, what happened to the ice-skating outing with you and your kids? The plan to let them skip school to hang out with a bunch of Uni kids. :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

10 July 2009

The movie dinner plan with Sherilyn didn't work out. Couldn't make it in time for the movie so we walked around and settled for drinks at Waffle World. Basically to sit and gossip all the way till 7pm.

Then, dinner at Italiannies with everyone else. Sherilyn not knowing who would be there. We blurted out to her a few and she sorta guessed who would be there. After dinner, was to go watch movie but the queue was way too long and so we decided to yum cha. I think this was the longest time I ever took to decide on a place to yum cha. From Old towns (Subang, Sunway, Taipan) to McDs and Station 1? They finally picked Old Town Mentari which was packed so we drove to SS15 instead. Even then, it was Old Taste and Old Town. Shows how fickle minded we were!

Gosh, I haven't talked so much in ages and I miss everyone! Sherilyn, come back next year!!! :)

Friday, July 10, 2009


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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

AF Nikkor 50mm f/ 1.8D

Have been planning to buy this lens for ages. It was between a Wacom tablet and this.

And this speedlight SB800. Actually got this a few months ago but never blogged about it. I think it was sometime in November. Gonna save up money for Intuos 4! :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Yearbook stuffs


Hehe... Miss Wong is back!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cosmetic Kit

The ultimate tool to perfect skin. LOL

No make up needed... just hours of 'brushing' on Photoshop. Tried it though, results weren't that convincing as you need to get the right colour to match the skin tone. I would say, big waste of time. Might as well ask people to slap on some make up before taking photos.