Thursday, May 29, 2008


I won RM 50!~

Remember this post*click*?

I submitted it for a photography competition organized by Nottingham University. I actually sent in 2 photos. Yeah..just 2 out of a thousand cause I was lazy to resize and edit the rest. Will probably do it during the Summer break.

The other one that I sent it... was badly retouched. I was lazy!~ To the extent that I didn't even check the photo before sending and only realized after I send it out. Arghh... Nvm...I still have 998 photos right? Haha...

So, just to let you all know. Look out for my photo is ads!~

And...there was a minor error in the photo. Try spotting it!~

Saturday, May 10, 2008


FRIM - Part 2

some random tree trunk with mosses growing on it
up Rover Track.

A very long and tiring walk up the hill to the canopy walk.

Monday, May 5, 2008

FRIM - 19 April 08

First shot in FRIM. A flower picked up from the ground...

First to be released...

I'm taking ages to process photos.

Photos I haven't uploaded...
- ISS Night
- CF Easter Play
- Sri Lanka's Cultural Night
- Night shots around Nottingham
- UNiM freeze
- Presentation and last day with Ms Ann
- And lots more...

Half of the photos are probably already on Facebook.

More coming soon...
April Intake's Ice-breaking session at SA (yellow building)


The short one...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl...

not... more like Daddy's dreamgirl.

It clear why she won.

No one cheered for her after she won.
Her father didn't even had the guts to put his hand up when Elaine Daly asked him to show himself
According to some sources, her dad spent 15k just on voting for her
MDG crew might be afraid that Cindy's family might sue them.

Cindy Tey is now in the hiding. She still have not updated her blog. Ppl were spamming her like mad causing her family to disable comments.

So called 'Malaysian Dreamgirl'...

Whatever it is, Hanis has all my support! She will go far. :)