Monday, March 15, 2010

I think I'm drifting away too far.

It's been too long of a journey and the end is just around the corner. I've been telling myself to stay focused in order to achieve what I aimed for. It is definitely not an easy task but its not impossible to achieve. I need less distractions and more motivation. I know I can do this. :)

Self-motivating rant...

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Was clearing photos and came across this, taken a few weeks back at the farm. It's wings are so delicate and the legs are so graceful!

Piano Theory Grade 5 exam is on Monday morning! There's still so much to memorize! And the worse part is that I have to rush back to campus after the exam for a practical class. Hopefully next week would be a good one, in terms of productivity and activities :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Belated CNY!

I was missing from the blogosphere for quite some time. Been busy with courseworks, exams and now its halfway through Semester 4 already. I abandoned the Project 52, after a few weeks.

The workload of the UK education system is suicidal, no joke. It starts off with 6 modules a semester, 12 weeks of lecture, 2 weeks of study break, 2 weeks of exams, a few days break, a new semester, another 12 weeks of lecture, 2 weeks of study break, 2 weeks of exams and 4 month long Summer break! In between the lecture and study weeks, we have to slot in the Malaysian Public Holidays.

Anyhow, the past 5 weeks of Semester 4 have been all about fun. CNY was great, all the munching obviously made me put on weight! Its hard to resist all the cookies that only appear once a year. :)

And the extra cash that we get :)

Along with the card game I love most :)

And since CNY is over, the fun stops. Last semester's results were okay, gotta work a whole lot harder this semester. There's too much to do!

Till then... Toddles.