Monday, July 20, 2009

Project 52 - Week 2 (20/7/09-26/7/09)

There you go, Week 2. I should have started Project 12 instead. Blogger took ages to upload the photos and I kept getting distracted. :)

Monday - Pancakes drenched with honey.

Tuesday - Another visit to the dentist again. I was thinking it might have been a gum infection of some sort, but the doctor told me it that it was nothing. Then I insisted that it was really painful, he drilled through the previous filling and tells me that the tooth is cracked. So now, I have two options to choose from; Root Canal Therapy or Extraction. Both painful, but I would obviously prefer saving the tooth.

Baked cupcakes

Was too lazy to grab my DSLR. So there goes, pics using the phone camera.

Wednesday - Watched Bruno, I would say its probably the sickest movie ever. I was on soft food and painkillers for a few days then. At first, the pain was bearable but a day after the visit to the dentist it was really bad.

That comment from Omair cracked me up. Of all people!

Thursday - Had dinner with the family in Bangsar for sis's bday. Darn, I forgot the name of the restaurant but it was Korean BBQ Buffet. Food was pretty decent for a buffet. Came home smelling like burnt charcoal. That's probably the reason why I dislike BBQs, even at home. Too much hassle of preparing, cooking and the cleaning up.

Most decent shot of the food. We were too hungry! :)

Don't ask why its Sesame Street...

Friday - Went for my first visit for Root Canal Treatment. Dr. Voon was really nice, she clearly explained everything before the procedure and then gave a few jabs to numb my cheeks and gums. The whole process wasn't painful at all, only towards the end before she said she found the nerves all clumped up together. Next visit in a week's time and it would be an hour long!

Went down to KL for supper, Teo Chew porridge behind Times Square! No pics...