Wednesday, July 15, 2009

10 July 2009

The movie dinner plan with Sherilyn didn't work out. Couldn't make it in time for the movie so we walked around and settled for drinks at Waffle World. Basically to sit and gossip all the way till 7pm.

Then, dinner at Italiannies with everyone else. Sherilyn not knowing who would be there. We blurted out to her a few and she sorta guessed who would be there. After dinner, was to go watch movie but the queue was way too long and so we decided to yum cha. I think this was the longest time I ever took to decide on a place to yum cha. From Old towns (Subang, Sunway, Taipan) to McDs and Station 1? They finally picked Old Town Mentari which was packed so we drove to SS15 instead. Even then, it was Old Taste and Old Town. Shows how fickle minded we were!

Gosh, I haven't talked so much in ages and I miss everyone! Sherilyn, come back next year!!! :)