Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Clocking in at 6.15am (Malaysian time)

Hey all,

I just completed my Pathology poster. I never thought designing this poster would take me so many hours! The usual posters takes an average of 2 to 3 hours. This took at least 24 hours but I'm happy with the outcome. Looks really neat! :)

Till the end of the semester, I'm still left with a 1,500 words critique to write on, the poster presentation and Research Techniques in Plant Science mini-project. After that, there's the holidays to enjoy and the exams to prepare for.

Till then,



michaelfoo said...

Haven't drop by at your blog for ages, and glad to see that you're doing great (apart from your odd sleeping hours with assignment)

Nice to see the great photos you've taken. Still using Nikon D80?

lol, oh by the way, in case you've forgotten who I am, I'm the TCSJ PE2 guy (Jerome's class)

All the best and Happy New Year 2010!

munshan88 said...

Are you not on FB? I'm doing alright, just slacking on studies. Exams in 8 days!

Yeah, still the D80. I still remember you! But I cant recall whats the other guy's name, the class rep. Oh, and one of your classmates is here in Nottingham, Malaysia too!

Happy New Year to you too! Take care!

michaelfoo said...

I'm on FB but I think you're not in my list. Anyway, you can get me at facebook.com/michaelfoo.net

Haha, typical lack-of-exam-mood I think? My exam is in 18 days yet I'm also slacking a lot, and hey, that's how I recall your blog and found from Google, lol! Nevertheless, I'm sure in the end you'll do well! :)

Yes, the class rep is Mr.Liew Kah Wee. And there are 2 PE2 mates in Nott now, a guy and the other girl.

Right, take care and all the best in your exams! :)

munshan88 said...

aite, gonna add you right after i finish this reply.

Yeah, I found Kah Wee's fb through Jerome's :)

All the best to you too! Mine is in 6 days! :S