Thursday, October 22, 2009

Project 52 - Week 15 (19/10/09 -> 25/10/09)

Fast forward...(I'll probably update them later on when I have the time)

Week 4 of Year 2.

Life as a Plant Biotechnology student is draining out every ounce of energy from me. Week 4 so far have been hectic. No joke, Week 1 was light and as the weeks passed, the timetable gets more and more packed. This week is the record breaking one with 10am to 4pm classes/labs from Monday to Thursday and half day on Friday. Lab on Monday was on PCR and then, products of the PCR underwent Gel Electrophoresis yesterday.

Spent the morning in Tiscra 2 feeling as lost as ever with Dr. Chin. She herself couldn't figure out how to get the results and spent almost 2 hours on troubleshooting. Best part was that she left us just like that! I somehow or rather, managed to get the files sorted out in the end and the classmates all knew how it worked in 5 minutes.

Life? It’s all good. I’ve always told myself not to sulk over tiny matters and move on. There’s so much more to life! On the brighter side, I’m very thankful to have friends who listen to my stories and stand by my decisions. One thing I always had in mind was that friends of quality are much more important than just the quantity.

I think there's something wrong with my metabolic rate. I've been eating much more than what I usually take in and yet feel hungry an hour after that. Can't wait for the weekends! Need to rejuvenate myself. This week have been hectic!