Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Project 52 - Week 5 (10/8/09 - 16/8/09)

Monday - Went to the farm after lunch with mum and dad. It rained and we were all soaking wet.

Tuesday - Meeting up with the Omega-ians at Old Town Kopitiam, Taipan. *click*

Thursday - Went for MICCOS 09 with my dad in MAEPS, Serdang. Nothing interesting this time round since its focused on Oil Palm, Tabacco, Rubber, Timber and etc. Got to see what a tabacco plant look like though. After the exhibition, went to the farm to see the progress of dad's Passion Fruit preject.

Friday - Attended Food and Hotel Malaysia 2009 at KLCC with my family. I was a culinary student for a day eating like I haven't eaten for days there. Food samples were really good. Loved the dark chocolates from Beryl's and the lamb from another booth. Scratched the estima against a lorry today, I think its around the same time of the year that I drove over a drain.

Saturday - PD! - Dad's company trip + Seminar on Lean Management. Had to wake up really early because we had to be in PD before 9.30am. Couldn't check in to the hotel(Corus Paradise Resort) as the rooms were not ready yet so we were served breakfast before the seminar. Had lunch and BBQ dinner at the hotel. Dinner was okay but lunch was horrible. Before dinner, we surveyed PD town and Lukut for food. Nothing interesting again. Last trip to PD in March was dissappointing too. Oh, and missed the sunset too. So no pics... Rest of the pics will be up in the next post.

In conclusion, PD isn't that worthwhile going to. No good food, beaches are horrid and hotels are old and dirty! Hotel review; Poor - Poorly maintained, looks good from the outside but rooms, food and service are very poor. Next morning, breakfast at the hotel and then we left early. Stopped by Seremban for lunch before heading to the farm, grandparent's place and then home. Even Seremban would be a better place to visit. Food there are to die for! :)

Warning! - If you are hungry, don't scroll down.

(just some of the photos from FHM 09, was trying out some lomo effect tutorial I found on the internet. Didn't follow that though, was trying out something new and I totally love the contrast it gives. All photos are from the cybershot.)



faiz said...

you knwo what...all these while, i thought the FHM stuffs you mentioned about is the FHM magazine related stuffs...guess i was wrong huh? XD