Friday, June 26, 2009

Year 2, Here I come!

Almost done with the yearbook pages. Worked on a few Page-breakers and Templates for them. Will post up them up when its published or otherwise, post up what I designed.

Next thing is to work on my portfolio. Was thinking of doing some freelance work for extra money. A girl is always happier with some extra cash. *smiley*

Today, went back to campus to get my results and Plant Dissertation. Applied Entomology pulled my average down. What to expect, Dr Peter's modules are never easy. I must say, next semester I got to work a whole lot harder as it will be included in the CGPA for the degree. Dissertation was alright as well, I think I managed to get one of the highest marks. And for now, I'm gonna do a whole lot of research on that something. :)

Thursday, dinner with the pm3-ians in Ole Ole Bali was a whole lot of fun! My portion of grilled lamb was humongous and I forgot about the toothache until the food came.