Sunday, February 8, 2009


Sony Cyber-shot W300

Sony Cyber-shot T700


Apple iPhone?


Sh3r said...

i have an iphone !! lol.
fun to play with but camera ain't great for a person as crazy over taking photos as you.
Its only a 2megapix camera. no flash, no zoom!

Sh3r said...

owh, ive been looking at the w300 though. the reviews have been pretty good.
looking for a camera for myself since mom hogs the one and only one we have.

munshan88 said...

SHer: Seriously... I envy you now!!! W300 is alot better compared to the t-series in terms of quality.

faiz said...

lol. i'd still recommend you to get iphone though (so that i can play with it when i'm back =P) still have ur dslr right? =)

Sh3r said...

haha. i told my mom that i'm shopping for a camera. and she said she'll give me our old one and get a better one for herself! lol. i'm going to check out the prices for the w300. but no sale now so I probably wouldnt get it yet.

seriously, don't bother with the iphone if you're looking for a camera. camera's not great unless you have good lighting at where you're taking the photos. If the place is dark, the photo's gone!

but otherwise, iphone's fun to play with and pretty. but nothing fantastic much.

GO W300!!